Septic Sensor

Keep your Septic System safe

by automatically 

knowing when your tank needs maintenance

The first level sensing

Know when to perform maintenance 


Septic maintenance is often performed only after sewage backups.  Backups can cause leach field failure, resulting in costly repairs.  IoTank notifies you when you need maintenace

Understand how to use your Septic System


Too many oils, detergents, or other materials may clog the system, requiring pumping.  IoTank notifies you of issues in usage before they become a much bigger problem

Septic designed for you 


Septic systems are often designed for the household that first lived there.  As homeowners change, the system may not be sized properly.  IoTank notifies you when your system is mis-sized and offers solutions

Septic Simplified

Septic Inspection Alternative

Replace regular inspections with IoTank.  IoTank provides septic monitoring and utilizes advanced machine learning to calibrate its data models to every households usage, appliances, and plumbing configurations.  This enables IoTank to let you know when a Septic System is no longer functioning properly.   

Real Time Data

With hardware and software designed to handle limited connectivity, IoTank is able to send and receive data from the most remote locations. If there is no connectivity, send us an inquiry and we can work together to setup a connection for your municipality

Seamless Deployments

Only three steps are needed to install IoTank.  A single hole needs to be drilled into the riser near the output baffle. The connectivity module is attached inside the riser and antenna routed outside.  The sensor is hung into the tank at an access near the output baffle. 

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