Food Service Establishments

Automated Maintenance

IoTank cooordinates all the maintenance on your grease interceptors by connecting FSE with municipalities and pumpers.  When maintenance is needed on your grease interceptor, IoTank will coordinate onsite maintainers to service your tank. Through IoTank, the pumper and the municipality will coordinate all inspection details. 


This takes the load off of you on remembering when to schedule inspections and knowing what work is necessary.  We only keep you updated on the status.

Financial Impacts

Knowing when your system needs maintenance allows you to perform pumpings only when they are necessary.

Pumping the tank on a regular interval means you are paying too much if your tank doesn't need to be pumped and risk expensive fines if your tank causes a Sanitary Sewage Overflow (SSO). 

Optimize the amount of money you spend on maintenance of your grease interceptor.

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