Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) account for 50% of Sanitary Sewage Overflows (SSO). Monitoring and cleaning of sewage lines is one of the largest operating expenses for municipalities. IoTank transforms municipalities from reactive cleanings to proactive cleanings.

Decrease Operating Costs

When grease interceptors are not maintained, grease will exit the tank clogging the sewage lines and cause sewage backups in surrounding homes and businesses. IoTank prevents SSOs by ensuring grease interceptors are maintained and used properly.

Decrease SSO


Understanding the state of each grease interceptor will enable maintenance to be performed based on need and usage to decrease the likelihood of grease backups. 

IoTank manages coordination of inspections and enforcement of inspections for grease interceptors for you.  When a grease interceptor needs maintenance, a pumper is automatically deployed.

Managing Inspection Process



By understanding wastewater usage and levels in the tanks, IoTank will categorize grease interceptors based on risk level enabling municipalities to deploy limited resources to the most at-risk locations.

Managing Only High Risk Tanks


Proactive Enforcement

By understanding wastewater usage and levels in the tanks, IoTank provides an estimation of grease exiting tank enabling proactive cleanings of sewage piping and risk mapping to help prioritize piping to clean.

This data can also be used to identify non-point source pollution sources and execute on fines based on risk and inspections.

Effective Regulations


IoTank transforms understanding of decentralized wastewater treatment systems to provide data and insights that have never been collected previously.


Regulation Recommendations



IoTank provides recommendations for the most effective regulations.  Recommendations are based on data integrated from multiple sources including the septic pumper, weather conditions, soil conditions, and septic usage.

Update Hardware For New Regulations ​ 

IoTank hardware and software solutions are remotely updated Over The Air (OTA), enabling hardware to synchronize with changing regulations.  

Continuous Improvements



IoTank is utilizing machine learning algorithms to predict septic behaviors and failure conditions. This offloads the research needed for your department to stay up to date with this constantly changing market.

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