Automated Maintenance

IoTank cooordinates all the maintenance on your septic system for you by connecting homeowners with municipalities, and pumpers.  When maintenance is needed on your septic system, IoTank will schedule a time for them to service your septic system.  Through IoTank, the pumper and the municipality will coordinate all inspection details. 


This takes the load off of you on remembering when to schedule inspections and knowing what work is necessary.  We only keep you updated on the status.

Protect What's Most Important To You

When your septic system is failing, solid waste matter is leaving the tank and entering your soils and your water.  This is likely in an area where your kids or pets play, increasing the risk of them contracting easily preventable waterborne diseases like Legionnaires disease. 

Don't risk you or your family's health. IoTank measures water usage and levels of solids in the tank to estimate how many solids are leaving the tank and warns you when this is above an acceptable threshold. 

Financial Impacts



IoTank predicts when failures occur and schedule pumpers to come out well in advance to prevent them from happening!

Protect Your Property Values


When your septic system is failing, nitrogen and phosphorous pollution enters waterways creating algae blooms that destroy underwater ecosystems.  These algae blooms negatively impact fishing and recreational sports on the waterway, resulting in lower property values.  

Decreased Inspection Costs

Knowing when your system needs maintenance allows you to perform pumpings only when they are necessary.  

Decreased Home Insurance Costs


IoTank is able to predict when maintenance is needed preventing major failures in your septic system.  This allows home insurance companies to decrease standard rates. 

Protect Infrastructure​ 

A leach field replacement can cost up to $30K.  IoTank protects your leach field by estimating the quantity of solids exiting the tank.  

Staying Informed


IoTank is continuously gathering and analyzing data from your tank to provide you insights on how your system is functioning

Real Time Data

When your septic system is at risk of failure, IoTank informs you immediately.  Otherwise IoTank uploads septic system state at the end of the day. 

Notifications Of Improper Use

Using water in excess prevents solids from separating from liquids in the tank.  This can cause solids to exit the tank.  IoTank will let you know when you are at risk so you can protect your leach field.  

Estimates Of When Maintenance Is Needed

IoTank collects data from a number of different sources and uses advanced algorithms to analyze the data to predict when your septic system needs maintenance.   

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