Eliminate Inspections


The two major parts of an inspection of IA systems include ensuring "Active" components are still functional and that the filters are not clogged. 


IoTank hardware is capable of monitoring external systems including “active” components in your septic solution and can predict when those components will fail. 

IoTank is able to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of wastewater produced and the amount of solids exiting the primary tank.  This enables an accurate estimation of when the filters need to be cleaned.

Customize Component Behaviors

Collaboration with IoTank allows us to customize our data analytics and let you know when specific components are failing based on customized sensors.

Optimize Components

With data gathered over a large number of units, IoTank is able to provide recommendations on which components are working for your solution.

Innovative Alternative

Innovative Alternative solutions change a septic system from a "Passive" system with no mechanically powered components to an "Active" system with pumps, aerators, and other powered components.  IoTank will only be capable of monitoring IA solutions with a primary septic tank. 

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