Onsite Maintainers

Onsite maintainers (or Pumpers) maintain septic systems.  Septic systems are generally an afterthought and only after a system is failing are pumpers called.  This creates many emergency calls resulting in one-off service calls, resulting in high operating costs. 

Decreased Operating Costs

Eliminate emergency calls by knowing well in advance when a septic system will need maintenance.  This enables you to have a normal schedule decreasing the need for overtime and shift work.

With IoTank, your schedule can be set in advance and our team will optimize where your team is servicing in any given day.  The routes are optimized based on truck capacity, type of service needed, and a number of other factors like road weight restrictions.


Route Optimization


Increased Customer Base



Customer base is limited by the distance and time needed to travel to each customer.  IoTank decreases the importance of these two factors. Increasing the number of customer you can service will drastically increasing your service revenue.

Expanded Service Area

IoTank enables multiple homes to be serviced with one truck run by estimating when maintenance is needed for all homes in one vicinity.   This expands your potential service area. 

Shorter Time Spent Per Customer ​ 

IoTank eliminates paperwork and many of the most time consuming steps in the inspection process, decreasing the time spent on each customer visit.

Increase Customer Retention

Automated maintenance for homeowners eliminates the need for them to call a pumper, resulting in happier customers and less customer churn.

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